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Lyrics - Dos Amantes





Qiriyateinu mele'ah nehora
Mi zoog 'oteh or tifarah
Hatan dagul havush 'atarah
Zo kalato ya'alat hen nefesh yeqarah

Et nivli a'ir tokh miqehalot
Ookalatkha mor va-ahalot

Lekha hathani rav maâ alot
Quiroo heidad lazoog hatan ve-khalah

Ya'alat hen tzivakh dar 'aravot
Le hatanekh hemdat le-vavot

Tihyenah oznayikh qashoovot
Quiroo heidad lazoog hatan ve-khalah

Hayyim koolam tovim oovri-im
âIm shoolhanot deshen meleim
Oovanim hakhamim viyreim

Vekhol roim, yomroo mi-baneha shel Sarah

Our town is full of torches
For this couple crowned with light
Behold the groom so grand, wearing a crown
Behold the bride so graceful, precious soul

Let the lyres wake the choirs
To your bride, dwellings perfumed with myrrh
To you, so high in esteem
A friendly cheer for the bride and groom

Let your grace ascend
Comes the command from the highest heaven
To your bridegroom beloved hearts
Your ears will be attentive when they cheer for the bride and groom

A good and healthy life to all
A good table and healthy pastures
And children full of wisdom and the awe of G!D

So say all the sons of Sarah








Enkalador, me keres enkalarme,
antes ke venga el balabay
I mos tope en este hal.

Kero ke me enkales la kusina,
La kusina i la oda, Osman Aga.

Kero ke tu me le des dos manos
"Por adelante y por atras yo te la vo enkalar."
"Por adelante y por otra¡s, Osman Aga."

La furcha como la tyenes gorda...
Antes ke venga el balabay
y mos tope en este hal.

Whitewasher, will you whitewash me,
Before the master comes
And finds us in this state.

I want you to whitewash the kitchen,
the kitchen and the sitting room Osman Aga.

I want you to give me both hands
"Forward and backwards I will whitewash."
"Forwards and backwards, Osman Aga."

My how thick the brush is
Before the master comes
And finds us in this state.








Asheriko de kinze anyos
Su ermosura es una

Ya empezo azer l'amor
komo una kriatura

Syete ciudades yo pasi
Desde Paris a Londra

Y komo a ti yo no topi
Un pashero ke vola

Pashero de mi korason
Un abraso y un beso

Damelos tu por amor
Ke yo por ti me muero

Ah, morena
Morena de mi korason
Kon un bezo y un abraso
Damelos tu kon amor
Sabras, mi morena
Ke por ti me muero

A fifteen year old maiden
Beautiful as none other

I have begun to love her
Like a child

I passed through seven cities
From Paris to London

And I found no one like you
The bird that flew

Bird of my heart
An embrace and a kiss

Give them to me for love
Because for you I would die

Ah, dark one
dark one of my heart
With an embrace and a kiss
Give them to me for your love
Know my dark one
That I would die for you





Aguila Guila



Aguila guila guila likhvod ha bar mitzvah
Naguila naguila likhvod ha bar mitzvah

Ha barmitzvah mukhtar
Be-kheter Eloqim
Mei'outav be-talei oo-mukhtar be-tefilim
Nim'elo tim hayim, be'im ve-ne-ema nim
Ya-ish-arei ootmimim

Naguila naguila likhvod ha bar mitzvah...

Bar mitzvah ya'arikh taniv vesha'arim

Be-to rah tel yegeh le-elot veyarim
Yifrakh bashoshanim behayim ra'ananim
La Adon 'Olamim

Naguila naguila likhvod ha bar mitzvah...

Shem'a beni musarah mekhah al-tiftosh
Be-taryag mitzvot 'a seh ta'im im tivgosh

Eloqim yehonekhah yetzara yishmokha
Eloqim yehonekhah oo-nisa ya-ishmokha yetzliakh lerakhekhah!

Naguila naguila likhvod ha bar mitzvah...

Rejoice, rejoice in the honour of the Bar Mitzvah
Let us rejoice in the honour of the Bar Mitzvah

The Bar Mitzvha is crowned
With the crown of G!d
Growing tall and crowned with phylacteries
Filled with life, with faithfulness
With manliness and purity

Rejoice, rejoice in the honour of the Bar Mitzvah

Let the bar Mitzvah grow tall and attend his lessons
Let him become learned in Torah
Let roses blossom in a fresh young life
To the Master of the Universe

Rejoice, rejoice in the honour of the Bar Mitzvah

Listen to the teaching my son, do not neglect it
Learn the meaning and delved deeply into the 613 commandments
G!d will grace you and guard you

You shall have great success!

Rejoice, rejoice in the honour of the Bar Mitzvah





Ija Mia



Hija mia mi kerida
Aman, aman, aman
No te eches a la mar

Ke la mar esta enfortuna
Mira Ke te va yevar

Ke me yeve ke me traiga

Aman, aman, aman
Syete fundas de hondor
Ke mâe engluta peshe preto
Para salvar del amor

My daughter, my dear
Aman, aman, aman
Don’t throw yourself into the sea
For the sea is stormy
Look how it will carry you away

May it take me, may it pull me down
Aman, aman, aman
Seven fathoms deep
May a black fish swallow me up
To save me from love





Ayi En El Midbar



Ayi en el midbar vide arrelumbrar
Las tablas de la Ley vide abashar

Y mirad ke sinor es Moshe Rabenu
Ke subio y abasho a los altos syelos

Los malakhim del syelo lo keren kemar
Nasido de mujer, ke bushka en santedad?

Los malakhim del syelo tienen por el selo
Basar va adam, ke bushca en el syelo?

There in the desert I saw burning
I saw the tablets of the Law brought down

And behold this man is our teacher Moses
Who ascended and came down from the highest Heavens

The angels of Heaven want to burn him
Born of woman, what does he look for in holiness?

The angels of Heaven are envious of him
He is but flesh and blood, what does he search for in Heaven?





Las Estreyas



Las estreyas de los syelos,
(Ke mos sera briyante...)
Eyas son ke arrelumbran
En eyas no ay firmeza
Ninya de mi korason
Ya me abasta la mia passion

Prima vez ke yo te vide, kerida
En mi alma entrates
Rayos de sol me dates
Ninya de mi korason
En mis ojos relumbrates

Una kosa te dire, kerida
El mundo no keda ansi
Muchas kosas yo pensi
Ninya de mi korason
Ainda no te alkansi

Ten pasyensia kon ti, kerida

En estos dias âsperas tu avenir
Ke mos sera briyante
Ninya de mi korason
Mi amor en ti fondiyo

The stars in the sky
(that will shine upon us)
They are the ones shining
Yet in them there is no steadiness
Girl of my heart
My passion for you is enough already

The first time I saw you my darling
You entered into my soul
And you gave me rays of sunlight
Girl of my heart
In my eyes you shone brightly

I would tell you one thing, darling
The world won't stay this way
I've thought of many things
Girl of my heart
But I haven't reached you yet

Have patience with yourself darling

In these days you await your future
May they be brilliant for us
Girl of my heart
My love is centered on you








Secretos kero descubrir
Secretos de mi alma
Ke no saben mis ermanos
Ni primos ni paryentes

Sal a la puerta te hablare
Sal a la ventana te hablare
te descubrire
Secretos de mi alma

Los syelos kiero por papel
La mar kiero por tinta
Los arboles por pendula
Para escribir mis dertes

Arboliko de jazmin
En mi uerta plantado
Te kreci, te enfloreci
Otro te esta gozando

Ay! Te engrandeci, te enfloreci
Otro te esta gozando!

Secrets I want to discover
Secrets of my soul
That my brothers do not know
Nor my cousins nor parents

Go to the door and I will tell you
Go to the window and I will tell you
You will discover
The secrets of my soul

I want the sky for paper
And the sea for ink
I want the trees for a pen
To write my pain

Little jasmine tree
In my garden I planted you
You grew up, you blossomed
Now somebody else enjoys you

Ay! You grew, you blossomed
Now somebody else enjoys you





Yo La Keria



Yo la keria
Maz ke mi vida
Maz ke mi madre l'amava yo
Por el destino
Kruel sangriente
Duvo desharme
Sin su kerer

Una manyana
De frio d'invierno
Entre miz brasos me se muryo
I desde entonses
Vo por il mundo
Kun il rikuerdo
D’akel amor

Onde 'stas korason?
No te syento palpitar
Ke'z tan grande dolor
Ke no puedo yora
Yo keria yorar
Ma no tengo mazy ante
La keria tanto i se hue
Para nuka maz turnar

I loved her
More than my life
More than my mother I love you
By destiny
Cruel and bloody
You were taken

One morning
In cold winter
In my arms she died
And since then
I wander through the world
With the memory
Of our love

Where are you my love?
I do not feel the beat of your heart
It is so painful
I cannot cry
I wanted to cry
But I have no more to give
I loved her so much I am hollow
To never more to return





Esta Noche



Esta noche de Purim
No duermen los haluiym
Aziendo alhluinadas
Para las desposadas

Vivas tu Viva Yo
Vivan todos los Djudios
Viva la Reina Esther
que tanto placer mos dio

Haman antes ke muriera
Yamo a su parentela
Los puso a su kabesera
Un dia antes de Purim

Vivas tu...

I tu mi hijo Porata
Vende la ropa barata
Y no hables kon kien tratas
En el dia de Purim.

Vivas tu...

Kaya tu Zeresh la loca
Ke a ti hablar no te toca
Ke por ti' izieron la horca
I la estrenyo Purim

Vivas tu...

I Shimshi el escribano
Se mataba kon su mano.
No dejaba hueso sano
En el dia de Purim.
Vivas tu...

On Purim night
bakers don't sleep
making cakes
for brides.

Long live you... Long live for me
Long live all the Jews
Long live Queen Esther
Who gave us so much joy!

Haman before dying
Gathered all his family
Around his bedstead
One day before Purim.

Long live you...
You, my son Porata,
Sell your clothes cheap.
Don't talk to those you did business with
on Purim day.

Shut up, Zerah the mad,
You've no right to talk,
For thanks to you they prepared the gibbet and he inaugurated in on Purim day!
Long live you...

And Shimshi the Clerk
Killed by his own hand
He left no healthy bones
On the day of Purim

Long live you...





Dos Amantes



Dos amantes tengo la mi mama
Al kual ke me tome yo?

El uno es pantalonero
El otror partikuler

Al pantalonero la mi mama
Enganyandolo esto

Al partikuler mi mama
Lo amo de korason

Echa agua en tu puerta
Pasarey i me kaerey

Para ke salgas tus parientes
Me dare a konoser

Ven bijuka, ven ermoza,
Veras onde bivo yo

Entre dos muntanyas altas
Donde no endanyava yo

I have two lovers, Mother
Which one shall I prefer?

One is a cuckhold
The other is private

The cuckhold, my Mother
I am deceiving him

The private one, Mother
I love with my heart

Spill water on your doorstep
I will pass and fall

So your family should come outside
So they shall come to know me

Come sweetheart, come beautiful
You will see where I live

Between two high mountains
Where I shall give in


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